Create a Memory Wall Page for a Loved One

Preserve and share the memories of your loved one with a memory wall page. Invite family and friends to share their loving memories about them. Their life story will be told by the memories captured in the pictures and stories on their personal memory wall. Imagine discovering new pictures and stories about your loved one.
Together create a special place in the memory of your loved one.

Every Memory Page Includes

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- Full Name and Nickname
– Date of Birth / Place of Birth
– Date of Passing / Place of Passing
– Age at Time of Passing
– Lifetime Description or Obituary
– Add Unlimited Photos and Stories

– Contact Form so Others Can Email You. (Optional)
– Share Using Social Networks and Email
– Final Resting Place (Optional)
– Editing of Pictures and Stories
– Be Notified of Updates via Email
– View Counter That Shows Visitors

Free Listing Features

Create a Free Memory Page

Tell About Your Loved One

Share a profile picture of your loved one. List their place of birth and place of passing. You can write their life story or add their obituary for everyone to learn about their lifetime. You can edit their memory page at anytime.

online memory page demo profile picture

Cherish Their Memories Through the Years

Use photos and stories shared by you and others to tell their life story. Their shared memories will appear on their own memory wall through the years.

online memory timetime-demo

Upload Their Photos from Facebook, Mobile and PC

The pictures from your loved one's memory wall will appear in their picture gallery. The pictures appear by date in ascending order to create a gallery of your loved one's lifetime.

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Enhanced Listing Features - $24.99/yr

Create an Enhanced Memory Page

Memories On Today's Date

Photos and stories that happened on today's date will appear at the top of their memory wall.

Passed Loved one's memory on this date

Don't Know a Date or Need Help Remembering?

Leave the date blank and a message will appear for family and friends to help with the date.

Get help remembering a loved one's memory date

Most Loved Memories

View your loved one's most loved memories on a single page.

Passed Passed Loved ones's most loved memory

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