How to Capture Your Loved One's Memories Online

Losing a loved one is hard and finding a way to celebrate and remember their lifetime is great way to honor them. offers two ways to remember a loved one online. Sharing photos and stories about them is a great way to bring peace and happiness to those who miss them. Please see the two options below for your loved one.

Funeral or Memorial Service Memories

You can create a memory page for your loved one and include the link in their obituary. This will allow family and friends to share their memories about them. The memories can be read or shared at your loved one's funeral or memorial. This allows family and friends to share their memories without public speaking.

Remembering a Loved One's Lifetime

You can create a memory page listing for your loved one at anytime. We offer social sharing and email tools that will invite family and friends right to their page. Your loved one's listing will also appear in Google. This way family and friends all over the world can find a lost friend or family member.


How to Capture your Loved One's Memories



Your loved one's lifetime was documented with photos and stories.

Old Photos stored in Photo Albums, Shoe Boxes, etc...

Photos on Facebook

Photos on your PC, Phone or Tablet