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Remembering a Loved One

You can edit the memory pages by clicking the Edit Listing button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the screen you used to create their memory page. You can edit the information you need and click Save Changes button to save it.

Memorial Settings

You can set the privacy settings when creating or editing the memorial for your loved one. Pick the visibility status for their memorial and click the "Click to Update Status" button.

Individual Timeline Entries

The privacy settings work on individual timeline timeline . You have the following options when you check the box that says "Make this timeline listing private?".

  1. If you do not enter any names in the box below. The picture or story will only be available to you and the memorial owner.
  2. If you enter names in the field below. Only those users will be able to see the picture and story.

Please remember that the memorial creator can see all pictures and stories.

1. Click the Edit this Story button.




2. Scroll up and click the Help Us Celebrate Their Life by Adding a Picture or Story button.





3. The story will be loaded into the form. Make your changes and click the Edit button.


Click the "Load More Pictures & Stories" button at the bottom of the timeline. The button will not appear if there are no more pictures or stories to load.

The timeline loads all pictures and stores in ascending order from the earliest date to the latest date entered.

You can use the form at the bottom of the timeline to post a picture or story for a loved one. You will need to login or register an account to see the form.

Login & Passwords

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Manage Your Account

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You can view your favorite lifetime listings by clicking "View your Account" in the top right of every page.





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