Create an Online Memorial for a Loved One

Use Pictures and Stories That Tell About Their Lifetime

Online Memorial Features

Create an Online Memorial That Cherish Their Memories

Create an online memorial page to preserve and share the memories of your loved one. Invite family and friends to share their loving memories about them. Their life story will be told by the memories captured in the pictures and stories. Imagine discovering new pictures and stories about your loved one.

Together create a special place in the memory of your loved one.

A Memorial That Organizes Their Past Using Pictures and Stories

Organize, share and discover the old photos and memories of your loved one. Read comments about their memories from family and friends. View their most loved memories right on their online memorial page.

Create an Online Memorial Page


Tell a Story with Unlimited Words

Write a story about a memory of tell about a picture.

Upload Pictures From Facebook

Import pictures from your Facebook account to your loved one's memorial.


Upload From PC, Phone and Tablet

Easily upload pictures from the devices that store and take your pictures.


A Safe and Secure Online Memorial to Preserve Their Memories

Keep your loved one's photos, stories, and memories in one place.

life-story Public

Your loved one's memorial will be available to everyone.

life-story Private Posts

Set a picture or story to private or only share with certain people.

life-story Private

Your loved one's memorial will only be view-able to you.

Tell Their Amazing Life Story With Family and Friends

Their life story will be told by all the pictures and stories shared by those who loved them. Their online memorial will look beautiful on any device.

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