Bring your Loved One's Past into the Present

Use Pictures and Stories That Tell About Their Lifetime

Online Memorial Features

Create an Online Memorial That Preserves Their Memories

Create an online memorial page to preserve and share the memories of your loved one. Invite family and friends to share their loving memories about them. Their life story will be told by the memories captured in the pictures and stories. Imagine discovering new pictures and stories about your loved one.

Together create a special place in the memory of your loved one.


Unlimited Stories
Read and share unlimited stories about your loved one. Stories will appear on your loved one's timeline by the years they happened.



Unlimited Pictures
Share and view unlimited pictures about your loved one. Pictures will also appear on their timeline and picture gallery.



Share Their Lifetime
Share your loved one's lifetime with family and friends. Invite family and friends from facebook or send them an email to invite them.



Privacy Options
You have control over your loved one's memories. You can make their whole memorial private or just certain pictures and stories.



Easy Administration
Your loved one's online memorial is designed to be easy to use. We have an online help section to answer your questions.



Most Loved Memories
Family and friends can love pictures and stories. You will be able to view your loved one's most loved memories right on their listing.



Unlimited Guestbook
Your loved one's memorial guestbook allows family and friends to leave a tribute for them. Guestbook entries are unlimited.



Subscribe for Updates
Your loved one's memorial allows everyone to subscribe with their email and get updates when a new memory is added to their memorial.


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