Remember a Lost Loved One With Photos and Stories

Organize, share and discover the old photos and memories with family and friends.

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Create a Memory Page That Preserves Memories

Capture and preserve the memories of a lifetime. You can create a memory page for a passed loved one's lifetime. Celebrate their lifetime and relive old memories captured with photos and stories shared by family and friends on their memory page

Create a special place to hold the memories of a lifetime.


Unlimited Stories
Read and share unlimited lifetime stories. Stories will appear on your loved one's timeline by the years they happened.



Unlimited Photos
Share and view unlimited lifetime photos. Photos will appear on the timeline and in the photo gallery.



Share Memories
Share lifetime memories with family and friends. Invite family and friends from facebook or send them an email to invite them.



Privacy Options
You have control over lifetime memories. You can make their whole memory page private or just certain photos and stories.



Most Loved Memories
Family and friends can love pictures and stories. You will be able to view the most loved memories right on the listing.



Subscribe for Updates
Subscribe with email and get email updates when a new photo or story is added to a listing.